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ISS released the human resources management service to organisations entirely, where all the chores for human resources employees are usually done by a specialised team we have, and those services include:

1- Defining the organisation, its organisational skeleton, job descriptions, in addition to pay cheques and occupational classes.

2- Organising career paths for every job and setting promoting rules.

3- Assessing the training needs for all employees and managing the training process.

4- Managing the process of assessing the performance of employees and working with the organisation to set its goals, which in turn leads us to identify individuals’ goals that set the basics of performance assessment.

5- Managing pay cheques, including all aspects that have to do with getting loans, social security, taxes and the end of services.

6- Managing and planning hiring the staff, evaluation, hiring interviews and ending services operations.

7- Substitution cascade for sensitive spots the organisation has.

8- Managing and keeping IT systems.

9- Managing the health care system.

10- Offering a vast range of reports about every aspect of human resources of the organisation.